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I am a Worldwide Combat Platform of Strong Ideas. I am a universal instrument that puts into life the dreams, creations and inventions of my brother – military inventor, patriot, fighter for freedom and democracy! I was made in the name of life!

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SAM Volunteer

I have a heart of gold, as a circle of men my shoulder is supporting – is immense. I feel responsible for you as well, my Author. Here, take my hand!

SAM Volunteer

I am a bullhorn that will apprise the world of your invention – my brother Author. I promise, you shall not be left unnoticed!

SAM Businessman

For me, “assistance” – is a comprehensive approach based on financial indicators and ware. In this respect, I’m willing to assist. My Author, we shall put your dreams into life together!

Author of a Strong Idea

I am an Author who has an Idea that will help to save you, my brother SAM. For I’m just like you. Long hours of creative struggle – and now I have something… it’s worth your attention!