Step 1

Assessment of the Idea

The Idea should be innovative, unique and practical. In other words, it should possess all the qualities of the SAM Strong Idea.

  • Check the existence of the similar ideas worldwide using Internet search engines.
  • Check the existence of the similar patented ideas on the specialized resources:
  • Conduct a comparative study of your idea and its counterparts.
  • Identify the unique benefits of your idea and outline them in the concept of the SAM Strong Idea.

Step 2

Description of the Essence of the Strong Idea

  • Give a name to your Strong Idea. The name should be brief, unique, reflective of the essence of the Strong Idea and eye-catching.
  • Give a brief description of the essence of the Strong Idea: what is offered,what it is offered for (the purpose), what will be achieved (obtained) as are sult of the implementation of the idea; why this idea is innovative; how exactly this idea fits into the scopes of activity of SAM; justify the relevance of the idea (why people will be willing to invest in this idea, etc.).
  • Define you intentions: is your idea going to be a commercial project?
  • Provide a detailed description and a comprehensive plan of implementation of the Strong Idea. Conduct a SWOT-analysis.
  • Outline and describe the budget necessary to implement the Strong Idea.

Step 3

Video Address Describing the Strong Idea

  • Write down a scenario of your address: carefully consider what to say/show and in which order.
  • Find a video recording device (forinstance,asmartphone) and ask you friend to help you to record your address.
  • Identify your self. Address the audience and introduce yourself as an Author of the Strong Idea.
  • Describe the problem,orthe solution to the problem, that will be solved by the implementation of the Strong Idea. Explain how your idea is going to make the world a better place.
  • Explain the modus operandi of the Strong Idea or the algorithm of achievement of the goals of the Strong Idea.
  • Describe the necessary time period and financial resources necessary for the implementation of the Strong Idea.
  • Make a special focus on the uniqueness and the benefits of the Strong Idea for the society. Thank the audience for their support.
  • The last, but not the leastbe sincere and open. The society will only support the Strong Idea if the Author himself believes in this idea.

Step 4

Publication of the Strong Idea on the SAM Platform

Create an account on the SAM Platform and fillin the applicationform – and the SAM team will assist you in implementing your idea.