public union national hero

SAM project was designed on the basis of the Public Union “National Hero” founded by a group of Ukrainian volunteers. The primary objective of our Organization is satisfaction and protection of legitimate social, economic, cultural interests of own members and patriots of the Homeland, as well as promotion of development of collective world security.

Out tasks are as follows:

  • Introduction and development of platforms for efficient search and implementation of strong or new know-how defense-related ideas under the directions:
  • Saving an army man’s life;
  • Rehabilitation of an army man;
  • Physical, cultural and intellectual development of an army man;
  • Housing and everyday life of an army man;
  • Provision of an army man’s equipment;
  • Consolidation of the efforts by the world community and business for protection of rights and freedoms of patriots and defenders of own Homeland;
  • Design and protection of global social and patriotic ideas;
  • Promotion of initiation and development of cooperation, fruitful interaction and understanding among Organization’s members;
  • Improvement of an organizational structure, promotion of Organization’s prestige and its activities;
  • Creation of appropriate conditions for active professional activities of own members.

Areas of activities for attainment of set objective and tasks:

  • Free scan of strong or new ideas without geographical limits;
  • Funding of resources into idea implementation (charitable contributions, gifts, grants, donations including direct investment contracts etc.);
  • Search of partners for implementation of ideas including through established industry-classified focus-groups;
  • Promotion of execution of social, communications, human resource, innovation, investment, production and marketing measures focused on: a) Consolidation of patriots and defenders of the Homeland; b) Formation of patriotic movement and promotion of ideas of freedom and independence; c) Search, training and selection of human resources for patriotism and professionalism; d) Drawing the world intellectual potential for innovations into the defense sector; e) Creation of conditions for joint participation in the capital of innovation productions; f) Establishment of the international agency network for promotion of innovation products into the defense sector;
  • Volunteer activities.

national hero team’s address

“Let us present you a new project – SAM (SaveArmyMan), a Worldwide Platform for Strong Ideas. The platform itself is a reflectionof the reality that fills our world today. And today our world is filled – with WAR. To change such a reality, you have to be strong.

The strength of every human being – is in his personal freedom. In a freedom to be a Creator of your own fate, to create new ideas, to be creative! And by being creative – save other people’s lives and fates.

We genuinely believe that SAM will make you stronger – directly or indirectly SAM will materialize the global ideas of a true freedom, independence, supremacy of human rights and democracy.

Thus, if you have discovered, invented, created a Strong Idea in the name of life – SAM will efficiently implement you intentions.

You cannot make the world a better place on your own...

But together we are already doing it!"