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I have identified myself, but I can’t add a Project.

During the process of identification you will receive a notification message to your e-mail address. It will contain a link that you will have to follow in order to confirm your e-mail. After following the link you will be granted full access to the Platform.

I have filled in the Application Form and submitted it, what’s next?

Within 3-5 days, SAM Expert will give his evaluation of your project. If his expert opinion is positive, SAM will grant you the access to create a description to you Project.

If my Application Form has been rejected by the Administration, can I submit the same idea again?

Of course, you can submit the same idea. However, SAM strongly recommends you to listen to the suggestions of the Expert and the Administration of the Platform and modify your idea according to those.

I have received the access to editing the information about my Project, but I don’t know what to do next.

You can fill all the text boxes with information about your project. Apart from that, you can add photos, quotes, videos and photo galleries. Using all of the above-mentioned can make your Project more eye-catching which will in turn give you a better chance to achieve your goal.

Can I change the timeframe of the fundraising campaign and its financial goal once it has already started?

No, therefore you should give a lot of thinking into planning your fundraising campaign.

My project was successful on the Platform, can outline the stages of its implementation on the project page?

Yes, that would be a wonderful idea. As people who have reinforced your Project would definitely like to know its future fate. You can also encourage people to participate in your other projects.

My Project was unsuccessful on the Platform, can I submit it once again via the Author’s Application Form?

Yes, you can. However, the Expert is likely to give you a negative expert opinion. That’s why we strongly recommend you to analyze the unsuccessful campaign and modify your Project in such a way that it would gain a better support from the audience.

those who support the project

Do I get any reward for reinforcing a Project?

The reward is not a mandatory requirement, and is entirely up to the Author of the Project. All the terms and conditions of getting a reward are indicated on the page of the specific Project. The Author of the Project is fully responsible for provision of the rewards.

Can I reinforce a Project anonymously?

In order to reinforce a Project you have to identify yourself on the platform, and thus indicate your personal data. Nonetheless, you can reinforce a Project and tick the “Anonymous” box – in this case SAM will not display your name among the list of the Project’s backers.